All businesses within the city limits of Stonecrest that are interested in serving or selling any type of alcohol beverage (liquor, spirits, distilled beverages, beer, and/or wine) are required to obtain an Alcohol Beverage License. The City of Stonecrest alcohol beverage ordinance can be accessed via this link: Municode-Code of Ordinances.  You may contact us by visiting the Department of Finance Revenue Division in City Hall at 3120 Stonecrest Blvd, Stonecrest GA 30038 or by emailing Mia Wilson, Revenue Manager at

OCGA 3-2-7 .1 required the GA Department of Revenue to implement a statewide centralized application process for retail alcohol licensing. This new process ensures the initial application and renewals are sent simultaneously to the State and City. This is managed through the Georgia Tax Center portal, which can be accessed via this link: GEORGIA TAX CENTER. We suggest you review the FAQs and print out the directions for registering on the site. DOR ALCOHOL LICENSING FAQS 

For questions regarding GA Dept. of Revenue requirements, call 877-423-6711 or access the DOR website for the Division of Alcohol and Tobacco Click Here

The State of GA regulations are not identical to the City of Stonecrest ordinance, our forms are still required to be completed. If you wish to clarify components of the Stonecrest ordinance, email Mia Wilson, Revenue Manager at 

  • New Alcohol License Application
  • 2023 Alcochol License Renewal Instructions  
  • 2023 Alcohol License Renewal Form
  • EVerify Form
    Both SAVE and E-VERIFY Affidavit forms must be completed, notarized and attached to all NEW and RENERWAL applications yearly.
  • DeKalb County Background Check Form
    A $50.00 per person background check must be paid via Cashier Check or Money Order only and made payable to Dekalb County Police Department
  • SAVE Form
    Both SAVE and E-VERIFY Affidavit forms must be completed, notarized and attached to all NEW and RENERWAL applications yearly.
  • Temporary Alcohol License Application
    There will be an $100.00 Processing fee applied to all applications* Any person(s) or organization seeking a temporary alcoholic beverage permit must partner with a City of Stonecrest business with a current alcohol license on file to be issued temporary alcoholic beverage permit(s) for event(s). Such permit shall have the effect of a license pursuant to the provisions of Stonecrest alcohol ordinances and shall authorize sale by the drink of such alcoholic beverage as are specified in the permit. The City of Stonecrest business sponsoring said person(s) or organization must make application and pay a $100.00 processing fee in addition to (plus $50.00/ Beer & Wine and/or $50.00/Liquor). Any sponsor, person(s) and organizations shall comply with all the general ordinances, the licensing and regulations for a consumption-on-the-premises establishment apart from having a full-service kitchen.


Mia Wilson
Revenue Manager