Bidding Opportunities

Listed below are the current opportunities for doing business with the City of Stonecrest. The opportunities include Request for Qualifications (RFQ), Request for Proposals (RFP), Invitation to Bid (ITB) and Invitation to Negotiate (ITN). All pertinent details and contact information will be included in the specific documents.

Title Category Number Closing Date Status Files
Purchase or Lease-Purchase - "Sears Building" - 8020 Mall Parkway   ITB 2021-003  03/27/2021  Closed   Solicitation Notice
Concrete Pads for MARTA Shelters  ITB 2021-002  04/20/2021  Open   Response to Bid Questions 
Procurement Card Audit Services RFP 2020-010 12/30/2020 Closed

Purchasing Policy

Stonecrest City Charter

Response to Questions for Procurement Card Audit 2020

CEI Services for 2020 Street Resurfacing RFP 2020-002 03/17/2020 Closed  
2020 Street Resurfacing ITB 2020-001 03/03/2020 Closed Addendum 1
Aquatics Services for Browns Mill Aquatic Center RFP 2020-005 02/28/2020 Closed  
2019 Street Resurfacing - Phase 2 ITB 2019-017 07/09/2019 Closed Addendum 1

Addendum 2

Pre-Bid Meeting Sign-in Sheet
Parks & Recreation Lock System ITB 2019-015 06/04/2019 Closed Addendum
LMIG Street Resurfacing in Stonecrest ITB 2019-005 03/19/2019 Closed Addendum
Operational Services at Browns Mill Park Aquatics Center ITN N/A 03/01/2019 Closed
Operational Services at Browns Mill Park Recreation Center ITN N/A 03/01/2019 Closed
Parks & Recreation Signage System RFP 2019-016 06/18/2019 Closed Addendum
Parks & Recreation Master Plan RFP 2019-012 06/18/2019 Closed

Parks & Recreation Transportation Master Plan RFP 2019-014 06/04/2019 Closed
Parks & Recreation Landscaping, Maintenance and Janitorial Services RFP 2019-009 03/20/2019 Closed Addendum
Video System in City Council Chambers RFQ N/A 12/12/2018 Closed
City Website Redevelopment RFQ N/A 12/17/2018 Closed



Plez Joyner
Deputy City Manager

Gia Scruggs