Planning and Zoning

The Planning and Zoning Division implements the Comprehensive Plan and the Zoning Ordinance. The Comprehensive Plan sets the vision, mission, policies, and goals for the city. It is the guide that current and future administrations will use for the future development and growth of Stonecrest. The Comprehensive Plan can be viewed here.

Planning & Zoning functions are:

  • Answering inquiries regarding zoning, special uses, buffers and development plans.
  • Review plans for compliance with Zoning, the Zoning Ordinance, and subdivision regulations
  • Review and prepare land and land use development, variance and administrative variance applications
  • Prepare zoning certifications and correspondences

There are two boards supported by the Planning and Zoning division:

  • Planning Commission
    The Planning Commission makes recommendations to Mayor and Council regarding land use requests such as rezonings and map amendments. The Planning Commission meeting schedule can be found above.

  • Board of Zoning Appeals
    The Board of Zoning appeals hears and makes decisions regarding variance requests and appeals. Their schedule can be found above.

For a complete list of applications and permits, please visit the Building Permitting page for forms

PLEASE NOTE: The City will be providing limited services. For Land Disturbance Permits (LDP's ) the applicant will have to obtain EPD review approval prior to submitting an LDP application. We will in-take your application if you are already in process with EPD.

Land Use Applications

The Planning Commission reviews and approves site plans such as new development, redevelopment, and final plat to ensure they comply with all federal, state and local regulations. This section also conducts development inspections, conducts pre-construction meetings and final site inspections.