Communications & Technology Department

The Communications and Technology Department is responsible for sharing information with the community and beyond, helping residents understand the services Stonecrest offers and supporting engagement opportunities.  

Our team informs the public, businesses and stakeholders about events and news within the city. The Department also creates creative materials, including press releases and reports to keep individuals informed on Stonecrest's accomplishments. 

Media Requests

All media requests should be coordinated with the Department and can be submitted to

Logo & Name Use

Stonecrest's Communications Department must approve use of the city's logo or city name for any non-city use for marketing/branding, advertising and community relations. All requests should include how the logo and/or city name will be used, by whom and if it is for profit. All requests should be sent to

If you have questions, concerns, or any feedback, please contact us at or 770-224-0200.

Connect with us across our social channels: 

Instagram: @cityofstonecrest

Nextdoor: City of Stonecrest


DeAllous Smith
Director of Communications & Technology

Elliott Maddox
Communications Coordinator

Corey Daniel
IT Manager

Angela Venable
Communications Technician

Mesha Cisero
GIS Manager

Freda Hill
Communications Assistant