Mayor and Council

Stonecrest Government

The City of Stonecrest has a Council-Manager form of government. There are five Councilmembers and one Mayor, who make up the Council as a whole. Each member of the Council represents one of five districts in Stonecrest. All five Council Districts are elected by the constituents that reside within the respective district. The Mayor is elected at-large by the entire city. Elections are held on a 4-year cycle and are staggered, with Council Districts 1, 3, and 5 in one year and 2, 4, and the Mayor in another year. The council appoints a Mayor Pro Tem internally annually. 

City Council meetings are where much of the City’s business is decided, so it is an excellent way to stay informed about local projects, events, and initiatives. If you can not make it to a meeting, the city live-streams Council meetings on YouTube, where you can also access videos of past meetings. The City Meetings page, provides minutes, summaries, and agendas for upcoming and past meetings. View the 2024 City Council Meeting Schedule.

How to Get Involved

The City of Stonecrest is a community made up of numerous faiths, places of worship, nationalities, and races. We provide equal treatment to all and remain committed to upholding the values of equality, inclusion and diversity. There are many different ways to get involved in your local government.

Attend a Meeting

The City Council holds meetings each month, unless otherwise noted. There are opportunities for public comment to directly share your thoughts, opinions, and suggestions with the City Council at every meeting. These meetings are also where much of the city’s business is decided, so it is an excellent way to stay in touch with what is going on in the city. If you cannot make it to a meeting, the City live streams the meetings via the city’s YouTube channel. Locate current and past meeting minutes, agendas, and packets on the City website.

Volunteer on a Local Board, Commission, or Committee

The City is always looking for enthusiastic residents to take an active role in city government. Stonecrest has volunteer groups and committees that assist with various municipal functions, from reviewing zoning concerns to weighing in on development issues. Each of these groups deals with a unique aspect of local government and can provide a direct way to engage with the work of the city. View the Boards and Committees.

Contact the Mayor and Council

The Mayor and Council encourage citizen interaction. Each member of the City Council is readily available through email and on many days the Mayor can be found at City Hall providing input and support. You can find out who your City Council representative is and other elected representatives here.

 Cobble, Jazzmin  Mayor    770-224-0200
 Graves,Tara  Councilmember  District 1  770-224-0200
 Fye, Terry  Councilmember  District 2  770-224-0200
 Washington, Alecia  Councilmember  District 3  770-224-0200
 Turner, George  Councilmember  District 4  770-224-0200
 Grimes, Tammy  Councilmember  District 5  770-224-0200