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The Best of Stonecrest customer service initiative is designed to improve the customer service experience in Stonecrest and encourage economic growth through business expansion and new business locations. Furthermore, Best of Stonecrest is the city's partnership with local businesses to establish a new brand, and create a standard of excellence in customer service in every Stonecrest business establishment.

Reasons for Creating Best of Stonecrest

The 'Best of Stonecrest' was created for: 

  • Improving customer service at every Stonecrest establishment
  • Encouraging repeat customer visits and referrals
  • Increasing/improving online recommendations and comments
  • Encouraging business growth and investment in the city
  • Revitalizing the city with an influx of retail, dining and other shopping and business options

This initiative started with the successful launch in April 2019; will be expanded by:

  • Hosting regular customer service training sessions FREE OF CHARGE for Stonecrest businesses
  • Certifying businesses that complete customer service training (75% staff & management participation required)
  • Certified businesses will receive a certification seal to place at the entrance of their establishment to demonstrate their partnership with the city and commitment to providing excellent customer service
  • Creating a website and app that includes an online rating system, allowing customers/patrons to rate their experience, upload photos and receive information about the Best of Stonecrest initiative.
  • Promoting "certified" businesses on the city website
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To receive FREE customer service training for your Stonecrest business, please contact:

Clarence Boone
Economic Development Director