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Mayor Lary Halts 'Party House' Events

In an effort to crack down on all of the illegal house parties that have been taking place here in Stonecrest, I have ordered our Code Enforcement Manager, Al Ferrell, along with his entire staff, to identify and shut down these events before they begin. District 4 Councilman George Turner and I have heard you loud and clear to put these "Illegal gatherings" at the top of our community list. They are unsafe, out of compliance, and a traffic and noise nightmare for the residences in that neighborhood, and adjoining properties.

In response to an event that was being promoted for this weekend at a house in Sandstone Shores, (Mansion Pool Party), my City staff and DeKalb County PD have met with the current tenant of the house, as well as the individual promoting the party. Both individuals have been cited by Code Enforcement for promoting a commercial activity in a residential area without the proper permits or licenses. Representatives from DCPD further reiterated the numerous State violations that would be imposed if the party were to occur.

Based on today's meeting, the promoter has stated that he will cancel the event and update all of his social media outlets to notify everyone that the event is canceled. Our Code Enforcement staff and DCPD will continue to monitor this issue throughout the week. Our city team has been doing a great job in identifying these "Party House" locations and working with the property owners to bring an end to these activities.


Mayor Lary Halts 'Party House' EventsMayor Jason Lary