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City Receives $536,511 to Improve Roads

Recently, the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) delivered a check for $536,511 to Mayor Jason Lary and the city as a part of a Local Maintenance Improvement Grant (LMIG). The annual grant will be used to begin repaving the city's damaged roads, according to the mayor.

The LMIG is given to cities and counties based on population. Stonecrest must match the funds by adding at least 30 percent which would increase the total available funds to nearly $700,000; however, the mayor and council voted to add more funds bringing the total to more than $1.3 million.

"As I promised in my last Straight Talk meeting, we are going to make our roads safe. We have the money. Now we will begin serving our citizens and keeping my promise," the mayor said. "Initially, we are looking to pave 18 neighborhood streets including Turner Hill Road," he added.

The 18 streets were chosen as the worst streets in the city according to a DeKalb County Road analysis. The city is planning to update this road analysis using a digital system that will provide more detailed information. "We will work in collaboration with DeKalb County to get the remaining city streets repaired," Mayor Lary said.

DeKalb County Roads and Drainage continues to do repair and patchwork on city streets such as Mall Parkway. The mayor said that he is aware of the pothole problem's enormity, but he said he is confident that these combined efforts can make a significant impact toward getting this problem solved.

Citizens may report and even take photos of potholes using the new Pothole Reporter app on the city's website –

City Receives $536,511 to Improve Roads