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Demolition of Abandoned Hotel Begins

Today at 4 pm, Mayor Jason Lary took the first swing of a sledgehammer and even jumped in an excavator to begin the demolition of the abandoned hotel commonly known as the Cinder Block Inn. The mayor and staff worked diligently with the property owners to ensure that the hotel was demolished as Lary promised during his candidacy for mayor.

"The process was about working with people and letting them know that we are emphatic about our community," the mayor said. Lary's Code Enforcement Manager, Al Ferrell said that he sent the owners of the property a letter of violation recently. The letter encouraged compliance with the city's abandoned building ordinances and gave the owners 90 days to comply. Ferrell said shortly after speaking with the owners, he noticed an application for demolition and a schedule to comply with the ordinance.

The demolition will take three to four days according to Zenon & Zenon Contractors, Inc. owner Orlando Zenon. 

Demolition of Abandoned Hotel Begins