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Stonecrest Contractor Completes Digital Paving Analysis

Stonecrest city officials will soon receive the results of a digital road analysis that will provide them with information on the condition of the city's streets and a plan outlining the most efficient way to repair them. During the last few weeks, Stantec Consulting Services Inc. conducted the paving analysis using two vans equipped with the latest mobile laser, GPS, and crack recognition technology.

City Engineer Ken Hildebrandt said the vehicle analyzed the city's 269 miles of roads and will give the staff a report that identifies, analyzes, and locates potholes, alligator cracks, surface distress, rutting, and weathering. Hildebrandt also said that Stantec will rate the streets and then do a budget analysis that will give the city staff an idea of the most effective way to spend money repairing the streets.

"Some streets might need a simple repaving while others may need a full depth reclamation depending on the condition of the roads. This road analysis will help us make that determination" Hildebrandt said. Mayor Jason Lary said that he is pleased with the progress. "We are delivering on our promise. Residents will see newly paved roads in Stonecrest very soon," the mayor said.

Mayor Lary Stantec Engineers