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Welcome Back to City Parks!

Stonecrest Parks Reopen Memorial Day Weekend Following Phased Planning

STONECREST, GA – (May 28, 2021) – Even with the summer heat coming a little early, the long holiday weekend will lure many people outside. Thanks to City Council’s approval (May 24,2021) of the phased reopening plan for Parks and Recreation, City parks will once again be available for residents and visitors to enjoy one of Stonecrest’s finest amenities. Some facilities will have conditions for gatherings and activities based on public health guidance that will evolve as the reopening continues through the summer.

Here’s an overview of the Phased Opening:





Memorial Day Weekend

4th of July Weekend

Labor Day Weekend

Open all passive parks and open spaces areas


Allow groups with permit and COVID-19 action plan to use athletic fields


Open Browns Mill Recreation Center with limited capacity


Reinstall outdoor basketball goals

Open Aquatic Center following the CDC and DPH guidelines


Allow public outdoor events (150 or less) and indoor public events (50 or less)

Allow Public outdoor events (300 or less) and Indoor public events (100 or less)


Open gym at Browns Mill Recreation Center


Starting with open areas and passive parks in Phase One allows for natural distancing between individuals and household groups. Masks are still advised for staff and visitors who cannot physically distance.


The City will continue to monitor public health guidance as it reopens Parks and Recreation facilities, as well as permitting special events on City-owned and public property. As these plans are finalized and approved, updates will be shared through the City’s website, local media, and other channels. 


We appreciate the community’s patience and understanding as we move safely towards pre-pandemic activities and continue to work together to be a world-class city.