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Georgia Department of Transportation Installs New Stonecrest City Limit Signs

The City of Stonecrest is proud to announce the installation of new city limit signage in the right of way on Interstate 20 and near bridges within the city limits. The Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) and Stonecrest officials collaborated on efforts to install more Stonecrest City Limit signage at designated entry points along I-20 East and West.
The highway signs are designed to inform motorists that they are entering the city of Stonecrest. On average, 268,000 vehicles move through this portion of I-20 each day, and many drivers are traveling to destinations within the city.
“We want everyone to know when they have entered the great city of Stonecrest! This announcement is the result of our collaborative partnership with GDOT,” said Mayor Jazzmin Cobble. “The City has met with GDOT representatives to collaborate on right of way maintenance and to discuss ways that we can use signage and bridgescapes to help us create a sense of place for Stonecrest residents, businesses, and visitors. We will continue to work with GDOT to add the word Stonecrest to the Panola Road, Evans Mill Road, and Turner Hill Road exit signs as well. I am truly excited about the future of Stonecrest.”  

“Signage on I-20 is a huge milestone, and it’s another step toward making Stonecrest more identifiable to the community and travelers,” said Hari Karikaran, City Engineer. “When we talk about making Stonecrest a true live, work, play community, it all starts with signage at entry points to let people know that they have arrived at their destination.”