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The City of Stonecrest Seeks Public Input as the City Updates the 2038 Comprehensive Plan

The City of Stonecrest is excited to announce the launch of its public engagement initiative for the update of the 2038 Comprehensive Plan. With a commitment to transparency and community involvement, the city is inviting residents and businesses to actively participate in shaping the strategic vision for Stonecrest.

The comprehensive plan, a cornerstone document updated every five years, plays a vital role in providing strategic focus and deliverables for the City of Stonecrest. This collaborative effort aims to refine the existing plan, ensuring it aligns with the evolving needs and aspirations of the community.

The city has unveiled the event calendar, featuring essential dates for committee meetings and consultant sessions. Residents can find the current schedule above and on the City's website, providing insights into the planning process. The project, awarded to the consultant team comprised of Kimley Horn, Sizemore Group and Sycamore Consulting in November 2023, is poised to bring a wealth of expertise to the table.

To maximize public engagement, the City is calling upon its residents to actively participate in the planning process. By registering to attend upcoming public events, individuals can contribute their valuable insights and ideas. This collaborative effort aims to foster a sense of community and ensure that the updated comprehensive plan accurately reflects the collective vision for Stonecrest.

Mayor Jazzmin Cobble expresses enthusiasm about the upcoming 2038 Comprehensive Plan meetings, stating, "Our residents are the heartbeat of Stonecrest, and their input is crucial in shaping the future of our city. We invite everyone to join us in this exciting journey towards a vibrant and sustainable Stonecrest."

To receive additional information about the 2038 Comprehensive Plan and updates in regard to the scheduled meetings, interested parties are encouraged to REGISTER HERE.

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