Stonecrest Film and Entertainment Department

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Welcome to the City of Stonecrest Film and Entertainment Department. Stonecrest is a camera-ready, film-friendly community that welcomes your production. Several projects have filmed here to include Shaft, Greenleaf, Black Lightning, MacGyver, The Passage, The Resident, The Outsiders, Star, and Respect.  Our popular destinations include Arabia Mountain National Park, Flat Rock Archives and the Davidson-Arabia Mountain Nature Preserve to name a few. 

The State of Georgia's film and entertainment tax credits provide a significant cost savings for companies producing feature films, television series, commercials, etc. and have elevated GA to the 3rd leading production center in the Country.

The City of Stonecrest Film and Entertainment Department welcomes all productions and serves as a resource for the industry and our community.  We have a streamlined film permitting process for motion picture productions, bring awareness to production-related educational and training opportunities, and safeguard the interests of our residents and businesses impacted by production.

The City of Stonecrest Film and Entertainment has partnered with the DeKalb Entertainment Commission, Georgia Film, Music & Digital Entertainment Office, and Location Manager's Guild International to market Stonecrest as a leading center for film, culture, and entertainment.

Please click on the button below to complete your film permit application. Thank you for choosing Stonecrest!

Movies and Television Series Filmed in Stonecrest

Local Creative Community Resources

While the Office of Entertainment seeks to promote and facilitate filming in the City of Stonecrest, we are also committed to minimizing the impact on neighborhoods, communities, and businesses. The office will provide information upon request about current or scheduled filming and work to resolve issues that may arise during production. 

To ensure that your interests are appropriately addressed all approved permits are the product of a rigorous and collaborative process. 

The Office of Entertainment:

  • Operates a 24-hour hotline and email  
  • Make sure neighborhoods and businesses receive advance notification of filming 
  • Remind filmmakers of their obligations to you and your neighborhood in our "Good Neighbor Policy."