Police Advisory Committee

The Stonecrest Police Advisory Committee provides law enforcement and crime prevention strategies to city officials. This committee was formed ahead of the city's planned police department, and may provide advisory services after the formation of Stonecrest's police department.

Members of the Police Advisory Committee:

Keith Meadows (South Fulton Police Chief)
Billy Grogan (Dunwoody Police Chief)
Eldrin Bell (former Atlanta Police Chief, and former Clayton County Commission Chair)
Dr. Barbara Hall (retired Police Officer)
Antonio Render (local business owner, and former DeKalb Police Officer)
Adrion Bell (former DeKalb Sheriff's Deputy, current law enforcement instructor, and Stonecrest Communications Director)
Antoinette Williams (DeKalb Police Planning and Research Manager)

Keith Meadows, (South Fulton Police Chief) and Mayor Jason Lary, City of Stonecrest
Barbara Hall, Billy Grogan (Dunwoody Police Chief) and Antoinette Williams
Councilman Jimmy Clanton and Eldrin Bell (former Atlanta Police Chief)