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Stonecrest Disperses More Than $6 Million in COVID Assistance

The Stonecrest Staff recently completed a month-long effort to disperse more than $6 million in COVID CARES Act Funding. More than 100 local business owners impacted by the COVID-19 crisis applied on this website for relief.  Funds distributed helped businesses with such expenses as rent, salaries, inventory, and the hiring of more employees.   The Stonecrest CARES Act Fund was renamed TheAaron Matthew Allen COVID Small Business Relief Program to posthumously honor the son of Stonecrest leader and entrepreneur, Bill Allen.

The deadline for applying for funds was Friday, December 18, 2020. 

Click this link for more information on CARES ACT in Georgia.

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Won't You Be My Neighbor?

In times of adversity, we take encouragement from our community of neighbors, innovators, problem-solvers and connectors. While our great privilege of gathering as a community is temporarily on pause, we want you to know how much we value you and how committed we remain to our mission of being a good neighbor.

There’s a grave air of uncertainty right now. Easing fears and calming anxieties during this time is of paramount importance to Mayor Jason Lary and the City of Stonecrest.

There have been some great stories of big-hearted people coming up with new ways to come together – even while remaining apart – to help the vulnerable who face some very tough times ahead. Despite uncertainty and, perhaps, the fear of economic struggles, we WILL pull through this together – by looking after one another, by taking care of one another.

Stonecrest Cares in Action!

Tee Foxx, Public Relations, Marketing & Special Events Consultant, oversees food distribution
Stonecrest Cares' volunteer loads food box into resident's vehicle.
Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity lends a helping hand to Stonecrest residents.
Clarence Boone, Senior Director of Economic Development, provides Stonecrest resident with a COVID-19 care box of food.
A Stonecrest resident happily  displays her masks
A Stonecrest resident proudly displays her masks
Brandon Riley, Parks & Recreation Director, directs city residents where to get masks
Clarence Boone, Senior Director of Economic Development, carrying COVID-19 protective masks for city's PPE donation
ouncilwoman Tammy L. Grimes calling out numbers for residents to text for more information on the Stonecrest Cares initiative
Mayor Jason Lary highlighting Stonecrest Cares contact details
Mayor Jason Lary joins birthday celebration of 10-year old autistic survivor, Dylan and his mother. May 31st is now Dylan's Day in the City of Stonecrest
Mayor Jason Lary, Councilman Robert Turner, DeputyCity Manager Plez Joyner donates PPE masks to Emory Healthcare (Stonecrest) staff
Mayor Jason Lary, practicing social-distancing, while handing resident PPE masks
Mayor Jason Lary, practicing social-distancing, while handing resident PPE masks
Mayor Jason Lary with Stonecrest Cares founders, Iris Settle, Chief of Staff Chief Liaison Officer (left of mayor) and Lillian Lowe, Community Development Administrative Assistant)
Plez Joyner, Deputy City Manager and Public Works Director, and his daughter prepare to distribute PPE to residents
Plez Joyner, Deputy City Manager and Public Works Director, hands PPE to residents
Sheldon Fleming, Parks & Recreation Operation Manager, reminds residents why it's important to wear masks
Stonecrest Cares Sign
Sonya Isom, Deputy City Clerk, shows residents that Stonecrest is a city that cares about their wellbeing
Stonecrest Cares Vehicle
Stonecrest residents proudly displaying their masks
Stonecrest Cares sign walking around checking on residents
Tanya Diaz, Parks & Recreation Admin Assistant, reminds city residents why it's important to wear masks
The 'sistahs' going to work it out! Iris Settle, Chief of Staff Chief Liaison Officer, and Tameika Porter, Programs Manager
Walmart Management team shows up and supports city's mask initiative
William Settle, Business Development Director, prepares himself  for a day of distributing PPE equipment to residents. Iris Settle, Chief of Staff, and city volunteer looks on
Stonecrest City Councilmembers.

About Stonecrest Cares

Stonecrest Cares was co-founded by Lillian Lowe and Iris Settle. This inclusive, all-encompassing initiative comes from the belly of the kind of leadership that exists under the banner and vision of Mayor Jason Lary.

Stonecrest Cares is an initiative that TOUCHES the heart of man, woman, child and community through collaboration, partnerships and key relationships that deliver and address the human need of our community and beyond! No community will be excluded. No resident will be left behind or go untouched. Our culture is malice towards none. Human dignity and care towards all. Caring is an action and is the way of not only Stonecrest Cares, but of The City of Stonecrest, as a whole. Stonecrest Cares exist to share insights, advice, actionable information and inspiration to humbly serve its residents. In historic times like these, our three most important driving forces are: truth, empathy and hope.

We have witnessed disparities in how people are affected in cities, towns and communities across the country – but particularly in Stonecrest. Stonecrest Cares will look out for its most vulnerable and will be intentional about ensuring the best for all who live, work, play, worship, shop and educate in its great and growing city.

The additional aim of the Stonecrest Cares initiative is to provide its residents with the tools to understand, respond and navigate these extraordinary times with mental, social and family services. Through many phenomenal strategic partnerships, Stonecrest Cares is able to assist those in need to manage and address these specific areas that develop (and/or become exasperated) as a secondary byproduct of the pandemic isolation.

Since launching, Stonecrest Cares has tapped into its wide range of partners to generate a robust set of support and suitable resources for the benefit and wellbeing of Stonecrest residents. Tens of thousands of protective masks have been donated; tens of thousands have received free COVID-19 tests at the DeKalb County Board of Health’s Stonecrest-based testing site; thousands of homeless and those less fortunate have been fed and clothed; and needy families have received support for mortgage/rent, utilities and food insecurities. Stonecrest has also played host to the single largest Early Voting poll location in DeKalb County where tens of thousands of early voters cast their vote in the historic 2020 election.

Stonecrest Cares undeniably possesses the depth of capacity and futuristic vision to continue to grow and scale to make an even bigger impact for many years to come.

Stonecrest Cares support, services and referrals will include, but will not be limited to:

  • COVID-19 updates, information, testing referrals
  • Mental health & spiritual support, services
  • Medical transportation & personal protective equipment
  • Food, medicine, essential household supplies assistance
  • Unemployment information and referrals
  • Business & government assistance information, direction
  • Rent/mortgage, utility, childcare, transportation referrals and assistance
  • Lawncare, essential housing maintenance support


Iris Settle
Chief of Staff / Chief Liaison Officer 

Lillian Lowe
Planning & Zoning Administrative Assistant 

Tee Foxx
PR, Marketing & Special Events Consultant

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