Alcohol Licenses

To run your business legally, there are certain city and county licenses and permits you will need to obtain. These resources will help you understand the requirements.


ALL Business and Alcohol Licenses are Calendar Year Issued (January 1st - December 31st) NON-PRORATED and NON-REFUNDABLE and EXPIRE YEARLY on 12/31.
All NEW Business and Alcohol License Applicants MUST apply in-person at the City of Stonecrest's city hall. ONLY Business License Renewals are processed online.

Please Note:

  • City of Stonecrest Business License Tax Class, Tax Rate and Employee Fee has changed from Dekalb County ( See Stonecrest NAICS Code Table).
  • Alcohol License Renewal Deadline Date: December 31st yearly
    Late submissions receive a 20% Penalty and 1% Interest per month beginning on/after January 1st> yearly
  • Business License Renewal Deadline Date: April 30th yearly
    Late submissions receive a 10% Penalty and 1% interest per month beginning on/after May 1st yearly


This step by step guide will walk you through the process for renewing your alcohol license with the City of Stonecrest.

Documents Required for Yearly Renewal:

  1. Copy of valid " current year" City of Stonecrest Alcohol License and/or Business License Certificate
  2. Copy of government issued ID
  3. Completed renewal application packet ( must be dated & signed)
  4. Completed E-Verify and S.A.V.E. Affidavit Forms ( must be notarized)
  5. Full payment due (Attn: Business License Department)
    Make all checks and/or money orders payable to: The City of Stonecrest
    Credit Cards accepted in-person or online

City of Stonecrest Licensing payment methods: In-person / Mail / Online

Please direct all payments, completed application and required above documentation to:
City of Stonecrest City Hall
3120 Stonecrest Blvd
Suite 190, 1st Floor
Stonecrest, GA 30038

If you have questions about whether your business is located in the City of Stonecrest, please visit the city map page to view Stonecrest boundaries on the city map.

The City of Stonecrest looks forward to working with you. If you have any questions, please contact The City of Stonecrest at or 770-224-0200. Monday-Friday. 9:00 AM-4:30 PM.

We appreciate having your business in the City of Stonecrest. Best wishes to you for a successful new year!

  • (New) Alcohol License Application 
    You must apply in person for a new alcohol license. Complete this form and bring to our office.
  • 2022 Alcohol License Renewal Form
  • Alcoholic Beverage Wholesale Excise Tax Return Form
  • Beer Wholesale Excise Tax Form
  • EVerify Form
    Both SAVE and E-VERIFY Affidavit forms must be completed, notarized and attached to all NEW and RENERWAL applications yearly.
  • DeKalb County Background Check Form
    A $50.00 per person background check must be paid via Cashier Check or Money Order only and made payable to Dekalb County Police Department
  • Retail Excise Tax Return On Liquor By The Drink
  • SAVE Form
    Both SAVE and E-VERIFY Affidavit forms must be completed, notarized and attached to all NEW and RENERWAL applications yearly.
  • Temporary Alcohol License Application
    There will be an $100.00 Processing fee applied to all applications* Any person(s) or organization seeking a temporary alcoholic beverage permit must partner with a City of Stonecrest business with a current alcohol license on file to be issued temporary alcoholic beverage permit(s) for event(s). Such permit shall have the effect of a license pursuant to the provisions of Stonecrest alcohol ordinances and shall authorize sale by the drink of such alcoholic beverage as are specified in the permit. The City of Stonecrest business sponsoring said person(s) or organization must make application and pay a $100.00 processing fee in addition to (plus $50.00/ Beer & Wine and/or $50.00/Liquor). Any sponsor, person(s) and organizations shall comply with all the general ordinances, the licensing and regulations for a consumption-on-the-premises establishment apart from having a full-service kitchen.