SPLOST Oversight Committee

The Mayor and City Council of Stonecrest affirm that DeKalb County’s Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (SPLOST) approved by voters is the City's opportunity to affect substantive improvements within city limits. These improvements will connect our citizens and start to form our City into one defined by the collective pursuit of a high quality of life for all residents. To further accomplish this vision, the City established the SPLOST Oversight Committee.  

The purpose of the SPLOST Committee is to: provide necessary and appropriate advice, reviews, reports, and recommendations to City Council on SPLOST projects.


The SPLOST Oversight Committee comprises nine (9) members, two (2) of which are councilmembers appointed by the City Council. The City Council establishes qualifications for members of the committee, except that each member must be either, a resident of the city, or a member of the City Council.

Each committee person shall be nominated and approved by the City Council. Should the committee member move out of the city, he/she may remain active until the City Council appoints a replacement. Members must attend two-thirds (2/3) of the SPLOST Oversight Committee meetings in a calendar year. Noncompliance warrants removal from the committee.

Current Members

  1. Elijah Ajayi
  2. Avema Louie 
  3. Jeff Martin
  4. Donna Priest-Brown
  5. Stephanie Shine
  6. Darrell Taylor
  7. JW Eady
  8. Councilmember Tammy L. Grimes (District 5)
  9. Councilmember Rob Turner (District 2)
  10. Hari KariKaran - City Engineer, Ex Officio 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I attend committee meetings?

All meetings are open to the public. As a Covid-19 precaution, all meetings are virtual for the public to view on YouTube's livestream. View the city's YouTube Channel.

2. How do I join the committee?

As stipulated in the committee’s resolution, citizen membership within the committee must be nominated, then approved by city council. Contact your councilperson for details.

3. Are committee members paid?

All committee positions are voluntary, without compensation.

4. What is the length of service for a committee member?

Each member shall serve until the succeeding end of the city's fiscal year; consecutive terms are permissible. Any member may be removed with or without cause by the City Council.


Hari Karikaran, P.E.
City Engineer