2019 Resurfacing Projects

Road Repaving Project (Phase 1)

Stonecrest 2019 Phase 1 Paving is completed with 4.28 miles of roadway on 19 different streets touching all 5 districts in Stonecrest (see attached streets on LMIG Paving Schedule); the $2.05 million budgeted project finished on-schedule and under budget.The repaving of our streets was completed using LMIG (Local Maintenance Improvement Grant) and SPLOST (Special Local Option Sales Tax) funds (Your Pennies at Work!).

Penn Cir and Park Central Blvd
Phillips PL and Phillips Rd
Radford Lane
Rockport Ln and Rockport Dr
Shirewick-Dr and Panola Rd
Aberdeen Way
Browns Mill Lake Court
Hillandale and Evans Mill Rd
Hunters Crossing Ford
Hunters Pace Cir
Leverett Drive
Lost-Dutchman Drive

For 2019 LMIG/SPLOST Resurfacing Schedule (Phase 1), click the link below:

'Inside Stonecrest' Video Coverage of LMIG / SPLOST Resurfacing Project 

Road Repaving Project (Phase 2)

Stonecrest 2019 Phase II Paving began the first week of September 2019 covered 4.59 miles on 3 major roads at a cost of $2 million using SPLOST funds. All five districts now have a major road completely resurfaced: Turner Hill Road in District 1, Thompson Mill Road in District 2 and District 3, Salem Road in District 4, and Rockland Road in District 5. This project was completed in October 2019.

For 2019 SPLOST Resurfacing Schedule (Phase 2), click the link below:

Road Repaving Project (Phase 3)

The effective management of Phase 1 and Phase 2 lead to cost savings of $350,000. Using these savings, the City of Stonecrest was able to resurface another mile of roadway in the Chestnut Lakes subdivision.

'Inside Stonecrest' Video Coverage of Chestnut Lakes Road Upgrades 

In 2019, your SPLOST pennies have paved almost 10 miles of the 27 worst roads in the Stonecrest. Your city hall staff is working diligently to pull together the paving plan for 2020 and beyond.

If you have concerns, questions or suggestions please call us at 770-224-0200.