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Mayor Visits Guyana to Aid, Educate and Prepare for Prosperity

Mayor Jason Lary recently visited Guyana to strengthen the business relationship between Stonecrest and the South American country that recently discovered oil. The mayor consulted with the Guyanese government to teach them about the city's contract-for-services model so that they can have best-in-class employees and services, especially in anticipation of their inevitable growth.

Exxon-Mobil publicly announced a commercially-viable oil find that will produce an estimated 100,000 barrels per day in the coming years. Mayor Lary and Guyanese officials agreed that as the region prospers, so will foreign entrepreneurship along with an increase in import and export opportunities. Yet, prior to these opportunities, the country remains poverty-stricken, and the mayor as vowed to help.

"It is our moral and Christian duty to help those who are less fortunate than we are, even if they are miles away," the mayor said. The mayor and the city's Community Affairs Manager, Al Franklin, visited Georgetown and New Amsterdam. The mayor presented keys to the city and received one in return from Georgetown. The mayor will hold strategic planning sessions in the coming weeks to identify ways that Stonecrest can aid in one of Guyana's main hospitals. "The rooms and beds are substandard when you compare them to our hospitals," Mayor Lary said. "We will find a way to help."

Not all areas to the country are poverty-stricken. The United States exported approximately $381.5 million in products to Guyana recently, representing nearly 27% of Guyana's total imports. The demand remains strong for agricultural and capital machinery, telecommunications equipment, computers, farm chemicals like pesticides and fertilizers, and consumer food products. The mayor said he intends to lay the foundation for Stonecrest's new and future businesses to benefits from the available import and export opportunities available in Guyana.

Mayors Lary and Green with Joint City Keys