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Code Enforcement Officers Clean up the City

Business owners and service providers who decide to promote their businesses with signs on the right of ways in Stonecrest may not receive the customers that their advertising once yielded. The primary reason for this is that their signs are being removed by Stonecrest Code Enforcement Officers. "We recently went out and picked up more than 60 signs that were illegally placed," said Al Ferrell, Chief Code Enforcement Officer.

Placing signs in right of ways such as the grass adjacent to Turner Hill Road is illegal regardless of the size and type of sign. This violates the city's sign ordinance and can carry up to a $1,000 fine per sign. This offense like many ordinance violations is considered a misdemeanor and therefore can go on an individual's criminal record. Ferrell said that he and his officers are trying to gain compliance before issuing citations. "We are encouraging people not to violate these sign ordinances; however, after a warning, we will issue citations,' Ferrell said.

Officer W. Kirkland removes illegal signs from Turner Hill RoadOfficer W. Kirkland removes illegal signs from Turner Hill Road.