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Mayor, Council Pass Stonecrest 2018 Budget

Stonecrest Mayor and City Council unanimously passed a $6.2 million budget during a special call meeting yesterday evening. Next year's budget balances out with the city having $851,150 in its reserve fund. "This is a pivotal point in our city's history. We will finish 2017 with more than $100,000 in reserves after our debts have been paid. Next year our reserves will be far greater," Mayor Jason Lary said. The mayor also pointed out that residents did not receive any increases in property taxes in 2017 and will not experience any property tax increases in 2018. Lary cited proper planning and good fiscal management as the reasons for the city's success. "For a new city to finish their first year with a positive cash flow is phenomenal," the mayor said.

The mayor cited a few examples of his staff's fiscal responsibility. He said that he and city leaders were able to furnish and move into city hall for less than $10,000. The city staff occupied a temporary, rent-free office space from July to November 2017. They moved into the new city hall in November but will not begin paying for the 13,000-square-foot facility until April 2018.

The budget does not include revenue from the recently passed Special Local Option Sales Tax which is slated to add $7.6 million annually to the city's bank account. A separate SPLOST budget was adopted in November for the allocation of these funds. See 2018 Budget Spreadsheet.

2018 Budget - Revenue Chart 2018 Budget - Revenue Chart
2018 Budget - Expenditures Chart 2018 Budget - Expenditures Chart