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Plans begin for Atlanta Sports City groundbreaking

Mayor Jason Lary and city staff members met with Vaugh Irons and the Atlanta Sports City staff today to begin plans for the construction of their first athletic fields. Irons and Chris Daniluk, CEO of Deluxe Athletics, will be applying for permits to build six multipurpose fields and three baseball fields on Mall Parkway. The multipurpose athletic fields can be used for sports ranging from soccer to lacrosse.

Construction of the turf fields will begin around March 15, 2018, with a targeted completion by the end of June. "We already have tournaments scheduled for July," Irons said. Daniluk, whose company will be responsible for the construction of the fields, said he will submit the proper plans and apply for the grading permit before the end of February.

The mayor acknowledged that this construction will involve a change to the Stonecrest overlay district. An ordinance must be adopted to change the overlay district allowing for the construction of athletic playing fields. The mayor said that he and his staff will do whatever it takes to get this project off the ground and make Atlanta Sports City a success. 

Plans begin for Atlanta Sports City groundbreaking