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Actor Wesley Snipes Visits Stonecrest for Potential Business Investment

Actor Wesley Snipes met with Mayor Jason Lary, Councilman Rob Turner, Attorney Bernard Knight, and key city staff members this week to tour the city and gather information. Snipes is considering opening a distribution center for Dr. Amino Power+, a new protein supplement that is gaining international recognition.

Snipes said that he first heard about Stonecrest during Mayor Lary's 2017 bid and public relations campaign for Amazon's second headquarters in which Mayor Lary appeared on Fox, MSNBC and other major networks. "I told my assistant to find that guy," Snipes said, referring to Mayor Lary. Snipes toured the Lithonia Industrial Blvd area and is considering Stonecrest one of two finalists for his 15 to 20,000 square foot facility.

According to information released by Snipes, Dr. Amino Power+ is the world's first natural meat protein extract and is a revolutionary protein product composed of all-natural, low-molecular-weight amino acids. The product contains all nine essential amino acids and 11 nonessential amino acids and is formed using a high-pressure enzymatic hydrolysis (HPEH) process, which makes it non-allergenic and easily digestible by all ages.

Snipes associates say that the actor will make his final selection soon and confirmed that Stonecrest is being seriously considered.

Actor Wesley Snipes Visits Stonecrest for Potential Business Investment