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Stonecrest Announces Georgia Cities Week 2023 Community Events.

The City of Stonecrest is excited to share our Georgia Municipal Association - GA Cities Week (April 22-29) schedule of events with the community!

Stonecrest is executing the vision of Mayor Jazzmin Cobble in "connecting communities" through activities that engage every member of the community. This year, the City of Stonecrest is offering events to meet the desired needs of the community, while celebrating the unity of the city as we move forward. 

View the scheduled events for the week, and mark your calendars to participate. Visit the City's official Georgia Cities Week events page for additional details and updates. 

Events will take place at Stonecrest City Hall, 3120 Stonecrest Blvd., Stonecrest, GA, 30038, unless otherwise stated.


Lighting the way through PRESERVATION

Saturday, April 22 - Earth Day Summit

Lighting the way through FAITH  

Sunday, April 23 - Stonecrest churches will be in prayer for the city

Lighting the way through BUSINESS SUPPORT

Monday, April 24 - Small Business Roundtable

Lighting the way through GOVERNANCE

Monday, April 24 - City Council Meeting

Lighting the way through CULTURAL DISCOVERY

Tuesday, April 25 - Stonecrest Schools will engage in a special activity 

Lighting the way through RELAXATION

Wednesday, April 26 - Wednesday After-Work Unwind 

Lighting the way through APPRECIATION

Thursday, April 27 - Staff Appreciation (City Hall will be CLOSED from 11:30AM - 1:30PM)

Lighting the way through LIFE

Friday, April 28 - Red Cross Blood Drive

Lighting the way through RESTORATION

Saturday, April 29 - Non-Hazardous Waste Clean-Up

Lighting the way through ACTIVISM

Saturday, April 29 - Autism Walk 2023

Cities statewide will be participating in Georgia Cities Week, sponsored by the Georgia Municipal Association (GMA), to showcase and celebrate cities and the many services they provide to help make it inviting for residents and visitors. The City of Stonecrest is proud to join in the 2023 celebration of Georgia Cities Week.

For further information about Georgia Cities Week events, contact Xe' Ross, Community Engagement Coordinator: