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Stonecrest Named a “City of Civility” by the Georgia Municipal Association

Stonecrest, GA – The City of Stonecrest has been designated as a “City of Civility” by the Georgia Municipal Association (GMA). The Stonecrest City Council adopted a civility resolution on June 28, 2023.

A 2019 poll by Weber Shandwick revealed that over 90% percent of Americans believe that incivility is a problem, with nearly 68% percent identifying it as a major problem. Civility is more than just politeness; it is about disagreeing without disrespect, seeking common ground as a starting point for dialogue about differences, listening past one’s preconceptions, and teaching others to do the same.

“We’re committed to respecting each other’s views as we work together towards moving Stonecrest forward,” Mayor Jazzmin Cobble emphasized, highlighting the importance of open communication and cooperation in our community’s development.

GMA, in partnership with Georgia City Solutions (GCS), a nonprofit organization managed by the Association, created the Embrace Civility program to equip Georgia’s cities and partner organizations with resources to create more civility in their meetings and among their residents, the general public, and meeting attendees. Civil behavior and speech are critically important to a healthy, functional, and respectful society. For public service to be effective, there must be an atmosphere of respect and tolerance and a commitment to a healthy public exchange of diverse ideas and viewpoints.

“I commend the City of Stonecrest for embracing civility and adopting the resolution to become a GMA City of Civility,” said GMA CEO and Executive Director, Larry Hanson. “We believe that Georgia’s cities have a great platform to model open, free, and vigorous debate while maintaining the highest standards of civility, honesty, and mutual respect.”

To become a City of Civility, City Councils are required to adopt a Civility Resolution and pledge to engage in civil behavior with each other as well as with residents and meeting attendees. Cities also have a civility pledge that can be published or recited at meetings. Learn more about the Embrace Civility program at

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