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Current Stage: Publication of Transportation Master Plan

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What is the Transportation Master Plan?

The Transportation Master Plan will address transportation issues and identify mobility solutions to enhance access within the City of Stonecrest and connectivity to the region. The plan will create a 20-year vision for transportation by establishing policies, programs, and projects that improve transit, walking, biking, and driving in the City of Stonecrest.

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Reduce Traffic Congestion

Enhance traffic capacity and travel flow along major roadways.
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Improve Connectivity for Activities

Develop multi-modal transportation solutions that provides seamless connectivity for residents and visitors to access jobs and other activities.
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Increase Travel Safety

Incorporate design treatments and policy measures to increase mobility and safety.
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Enhance Biking and Walking Access

Identify bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure improvements that provide greater access to transit and recreational areas.

Virtual Transportation Summit

In case you missed the recent Virtual Transportation Summit view it here:

What is the city's Transportation Master Plan? 

Transportation Needs Assessment

Transportation Recommendations

Project Timeline

The process will consist of activities to obtain input, identify needs and develop recommendations for the plan.

September 2019

Collect and review existing data and plans

October / November 2019

Conduct concentrated public and stakeholder involvement to identify project needs.

December 2019

Assess transportation needs.

January 2020

Analyze the performance of potential projects.

February 2020

Develop a draft list of recommended projects.

March 2020

Conduct concentrated public and stakeholder involvement to present draft recommendations and obtain feedback on project list and funding priorities.

April 2020

Refine and submit plan recommendations.

May 2020

Publish final Transportation Master Plan.


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