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Mayor Removes Stop Work Order on Recycling Center

Mayor Jason Lary announced today that he is removing the stop work order placed on the construction of Metro Green Recycling earlier this month.  After consulting with the city attorney, the mayor said that is not wise to maintain an order that could place the city in legal jeopardy. 

Metro Green Recycling Center began construction last month at 2450 Miller Road.  On July 2nd, the mayor and the city’s planning and zoning director placed a stop work order on the construction site citing a discrepancy regarding the facility’s failure to meet DeKalb County’s Solid Waste Plan.  After consulting with the city attorney, the mayor said that the city doesn’t have the legal right to enforce a county ordinance. 

Last week, the mayor and council appointed a team to investigate the recycling center’s permits. “We will continue to work to ensure that Metro Green Recycling is within all state, county, and city environmental and safety guidelines.  If we find any discrepancies or deficiencies that we can enforce, we will stop this construction; however, at this time it would be irresponsible of me to maintain an order that will certainly place the city on the losing end of a lawsuit,” the mayor said.