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Virtual Court Sessions - Start February 24!

two digital screens showing a courtroom 


The Municipal Court of Stonecrest is proud to announce that online virtual court sessions will start on February 24! Without a trip to the courthouse or a physical appearance in a courtroom, defendants may appear for their citation in an online virtual courtroom. 

In response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the virtual court alternative was developed to protect the health and safety of our defendants, our staff, and the public by reducing the possible risk of COVID-19 community transmission during in-person court sessions.

Virtual court sessions are not limited to those concerned about COVID-19, but to those parents with childcare needs that make it difficult to attend an in-person session, workers who cannot take a day off work to attend court, people who do not have good transportation arrangements, and others who, for whatever reason, face difficulty in attending an in-person court session.

To ensure that we continue to service the needs of the public, all court inquiries may be directed to Mallory Minor, Clerk of the Municipal Court of Stonecrest via email to Thank you!