Building and Land Use Department

The Building and Permitting Division is responsible for the administration and enforcement of the Georgia State minimum standard code and related procedures for permitting and inspections of buildings within the city. Our staff will help you through the permitting and inspections stages of your residential or commercial project.

Permitting Process

Stonecrest staff will provide the applicant a routing sheet to take with them to DeKalb County to submit their review request. Fire Marshall Review and Watershed reviews must be submitted to DeKalb County Department of Planning & Sustainability for review and approval.

All fees associated with the review are to be paid directly to DeKalb County. Once the reviews are completed the DeKalb County staff will sign off on your review sheets. Please return the sheets back to the Stonecrest Building & Land Use Department. You must have the approved sheet prior to the issuance of any permit.

Inspections Process

Inspection requests will no longer be accepted via email, text messages or phones calls effective June 1, 2022

All inspection requests must be made via the CitizenServe permitting portal. A training seminar will be schedule prior to June 1 (based on the number of registrants).

For those individuals who are interested in learning more information or require assistance accessing the portal, please contact Joseph Stapleton, Chief Building Official, at 770-224-0217.  

Virtual Building Inspections

In light of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) precautions, the City of Stonecrest now offers virtual inspections for certain types of building inspections. Virtual Inspections are conducted between a customer and inspector by using a video call on a smart phone or tablet. The following residential inspections may be completed by virtual inspection:

  • Temporary electric power poles
  • Restore electric power
  • Temporary/permanent electric power
  • Gas line pressure test
  • Nail Pattern
  • House wrap
  • HVAC equipment change outs
  • Water heater change outs
  • Re-inspection of any trades
  • Insulation
  • Others (as determined by inspector)

Based on the size and complexity of the project it may not be possible to conduct inspections virtually. All inspections not listed above and all commercial inspections will require a site visit by the inspector. Virtual Inspection Procedures

Find out if you need a Residential Building Permit. 

Documents & Forms

Building Permit Applications

PLEASE NOTE: The City will be providing limited services. For Land Disturbance Permits (LDP's ) the applicant will have to obtain EPD review approval prior to submitting an LDP application. We will in-take your application if you are already in process with EPD.


Georgia Licensing Board -

Building Officials Association of Georgia -

International Code Council –

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Online Building Permitting Portal

INSTRUCTIONS: Read this help guide first to understand how to apply for Building Permits inside the online portal.

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Joseph Stapleton
Chief Building Official

Jacob Cockrell
Land Development Manager

John Wright
Building Inspector

Pamela Price
Permitting Specialist

Linda Hope
Permitting Specialist